NGC Aerospace, Laflamme Aero and CS Group Canada winner for the most innovative project

During the Golf or Bike Classic organized by Aéro Montréal, CS Group - Canada, in partnership with NGC Aerospace and Laflamme Aero, presented a joint project involving technologies related to autonomous systems. The project will develop a detection and avoidance solution (DAA-Detect And Avoid) to enable the BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) flight of Laflamme Aero's UAV. Such a solution could be used in autonomous flying vehicles (flying cabs for example) to provide obstacle detection and avoidance functionalities.

We are very proud to have won as a team this competition for the most innovative project organized during the day by Aéro Montréal.

Thanks to NGC Aerospace and Laflamme Aero and CS for the fundraising work. Thanks to Aero Montreal for the organization. Finally, thanks to Tech Mahindra for the grant.

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