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Boreades c-uav system

RAPTOR, Counter UAV System

Boreades c-uav system

The Problem

Illegal and dangerous use of UAVs, such as contraband delivery to correctional facilities, airspace violation, disruption of events, threat or endangerment to VIPs, and attacks to deployed armed forces are threatening the life and security of Canadians.

In order to protect important and sensitive facilities and to protect the life of many Canadian citizens, CS Communication & Systems has built and proudly offers a counter UAV system called Raptor.

Description of the technology

Raptor is an integrated system targeting illegal drones and is able to detect, identify, track and neutralize malicious drones as well as localize remote pilots.

Detect >> Identify >> Track >> Neutralize

  • Detect: short/mid/long range 3D sensors, day/night cameras and UHD video to build a real-time air picture to the user
  • Identify: distinguish drone from birds and identify friendly from malicious drones to eliminate false alarms
  • Track: spot incoming threats, track them and get visual view of the drone and the contraband delivery to aid user taking proper and efficient decisions
  • Neutralize: Counter the threats by jamming and spoofing the remote control and navigation systems, and/or by capturing the drone using a Net Launcher

Major features

  • Mobile, deployable & autonomous systems
  • Multi-sensor & multi-target detection
  • Capabilities to force small UAV to land (single & multi-target)
  • Pilot localization capabilities
  • Centralized supervision:
    • Targeting
    • Recording
    • Remote control
    • Communications
    • Coordination


  • Scalable: Raptor has the potential to be enhanced to handle a growing amount of sensors, tracking and neutralization devices, and hence it is easily upgradable to evolve with the threats
  • Modular: Raptor offers a modular architecture, directed by a command and control software, which is able to answer a large span of threatening situations involving UAVs, from small installation monitoring, to wide spaces protection
  • Autonomous: Raptor has the capability to be programmed to autonomously eliminate threatening UAVs, and hence increase the system efficiency and reduce human intervention significantly
  • Rapidly deployable: Being modular, Raptor can be configured as Mobile system for Special Event Protection, and hence offers the benefit of being rapidly deployable
  • Transportable: Raptor mobile system is lightweight, packageable in pelican cases and mountable to different structures or vehicles. This allows the system to be easily and quickly transportable from site to site for VIP event protection or deployed armed forces teams.

Current programs

boreades fr website snapshot

Boreades FR

CS has been selected by the French MoD procurement (Direction Générale de l’Armement) to provide, to the entire armed forces, the first French systems for the detection, identification and neutralisation of illegal UAV. Visit the dedicated website to learn more.

boreades alladin 2020 website snapshot

Aladdin 2020

ALADDIN will study, design, develop and evaluate a counter UAV system as a complete solution to the growing UAV threat problem, building upon a state-of-the-art system and enhancing it by researching on various technologies and functionalities. Visit the dedicated website to learn more.


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