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Defense & Security Market

Defense & Security Market

Defense & Security Market

Markets that we serve

Our customers design systems & subsystems that include safety critical embedded software such as engine controls, avionics, and more. Our customers are typically Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the aeronautics, defense, space and automotive industries. We also offer solutions to end-users with anti-drone systems and satellite image processing and management platform.

Challenge faced by our customers

Developing such critical systems requires

  • Advanced skills linked to industry standards and cutting-edge methodologies
  • Variable development throughput linked to product development cycles
  • Producing these activities within ever shrinking budgets and development schedules

In support to our customer, CS Canada provides

  • Advanced skills in embedded software development, validation, and verification
    • DO178B/C & ISO 26262 Architecture and Certification
    • Model-based Design
    • DO-326A & ISO 21434(Cyber)
    • Formal Methods
    • ARP4754A/4761
  • A significant and on demand engineering capability
    • Onsite consultants / experts, or
    • Remote turnkey program delivery with 135 engineers in Canada, 25 in the USA, 175 in Romania and a pool of expertise with 400 in France
    • With flexible business models to meet your expectations (T&M, FFP…)
  • Advanced test tools to speed-up and lower ongoing costs of the activities
    • LEAFS (CICD tool agnostic plarform)
    • NADIA (test script generator based on natural language)
    • Test benches (HIL, SIL, Processor in the loop…)
  • After-market
    • Embedded software loaders
  • End-user solutions
    • GeoStorm : satellite image processing platform
    • Raptor: anti drone system

Why consider CS Canada?

We have been involved successfully for more than 15 years with the most demanding and the highest level of critical systems in the aerospace industry with jet engine controls within DO-178C Level A certification with the largest OEMs in North America and many other critical systems for aeronautics, space, automotive, train, and industrial markets.

This expertise is now available at your service!