Data Loaders

Data Loaders

Reprogramming tool

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Data Loaders

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Description of the technology

CS Canada Data Loaders consist of a customizable platform to reprogram an Electronic Unit. It can be used in the field or in the shop, assisting operators by automating reprogramming and limiting actions from them. They meet several standards and validation criteria. They were successfully deployed within the aerospace industry to support compliance with DO-178C. 

Key objectives

  • Keep operator interaction to a minimum
  • Lowers the risk of :
    • Operator mistakes
    • Ending up with an inoperative Electronic Unit
  • Data integrity verification
  • Security of data

CS Canada capabilities

  • Design, acquisition and assembly of all required GSE Hardware
  • Design, development and qualification of all GSE Software
  • First Article Inspection and media production

Flexible architecture

  • Flexible runtime execution configurability capabilities
  • Reusable Core architecture
  • Offers adjustable mechanisms to add and co0nfigure operations as required by the Electronic Unit programming sequence scheme
  • Usability, Extensibility, Reusability : Designed for efficient data loader workflow and for future requirements.
  • Robustness, Testability : Enforcing a validation process that increases these criteria

Design options

  • Laptop Based GSE
  • Single Board Computer/COTS Based GSE
  • Web-based GSE


  • Expertise into delivering data loaders for the avionics industry for different Electronic Unit model/types
  • Software
    • Implementation of different Electronic Unit communication protocols
    • Successful delivery of data loaders for Safran Electronic Units
    • Ongoing data loader project for the business jet field
  • Hardware
    • Successful development and delivery of an Electronic Unit H/W interface
    • Production of DVDs, USBs and SD cards
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