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NADIA test script generator


Test script generator

NADIA test script generator

The Problems

  • ADAS & autonomous driving systems require level of safety critical embedded software testing never seen before by Tier1 & Tier 2 in the automotive industry (ISO 26262)
  • Development cycles in the automotive industry are and will be maintained on a yearly basis despite the huge and continuous increase in the complexity of electronic systems
  • The same tests are run on different environments (SIL, HIL, different vendors, different generations) (now require an independent multi—week setup)
  • Currently performed mainly offshore
    • Language issues (India, Eastern Europe, Norther Africa, Latin America…)
    • “Meaning” understanding issues
    • Execution delays

Our solution

In this context, CS Canada has developed NADIA which is a software that parses human readable test plans to automatically generate executable scripts or code pieces that can test the system as intended. Using NADIA, an automotive system designer, can address the system using simple English sentences such as “Set [signal_1] to [2] and ensure that it remains greater than [1] for [5] seconds” or “Ensure that vehicle speed does not exceed 100 km/h”. Those sentences are parsed and automatically translated to an executable code that stimulates the system and verifies the results. Thus, automotive systems designers can test the system adequately and set up testing scenarios for testers without the need of mastering the code behind it.

An innovative strength of NADIA is that it would be capable to be used with the best industry test tools, such as dSPACE AutomationDesk, Vector CANoe and National Instruments TestStand, thanks to the compatibility with the generic simulator interface XIL API. NADIA’s customers will be able to use their existing well proven test chain and integrating NADIA in it seamlessly.

Innovation component

  • NADIA implements Domain Specific Language (DSL) for system test engineers, so they can write test with their own language.
  • A DSL dictionary can be updated or enhanced by the system test engineers, so it must be an input of NADIA.
  • Also, the signals to be accessed through test procedures depends of the software versions, making signals dictionary as an input of NADIA.
  • In order to simplify repetitive procedures, NADIA provides to system testers a way to define maneuver and initial conditions.
  • Technology enabling NADIA effectiveness is that a parser and a lexer are generated at the run-time, making available the user defined DSL for script generation.
  • One challenge that must be resolved by NADIA is when syntaxes are very similar, leading to ambiguity. It is resolved by design ordered and coherent grammar for the parser input.
  • Everything that is required in a programming language so it can be executed must be in the generated script, such as imports, function definitions, indentation, model initialisation and such. Templating mechanism is able to build the final script based on rules and patterns, enabling a rich content script ready to be executed.

Benefits to customers

  • Accelerate system test process by 30%
  • Allow test expert to generate their own test script without technical scripting experience nor dedicated support team
  • Solve the language & proper understanding of the meaning of the test procedures
  • Enable automatic NADIA integration in already existing test management platforms through command line capability

Why CS Canada?

  • 17 years hands-on experience in V&V
  • Successfully developed & deployed this system in the Aerospace industry with one of the largest jet engine maker in the world.
  • Since 2013, CS Canada implements scrum methodology, enabling frequent releases and quick adaptation.
  • Best software development practices are deployed, recognized by ISO9001 qualification.
  • NADIA was successfully deployed within the aerospace industry to support compliance with DO-178C.
  • NADIA won UbiMobility 2017: Business France and Bpifrance Accelerate 8 Innovative Startups and SMEs in the US Autonomous Vehicle Sector.

NADIA Brochure

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