At CS Canada, we develop, validate, verify and certify safety and mission critical embedded software. Our customers are Tier1 and Tier2 that design systems & subsystems for the aeronautics, defense, space, and automotive industries, and they develop systems for engine controls, avionics, autonomous driving, and many more.
We also offer solutions to end-users with malicious drone protection systems.

Markets that we Serve

Advanced software engineering services and tools to support the development of safety critical systems for engine control, avionics, GPS, communication, and many more, in order to meet DO-178B/C standard

Advanced software engineering services and tools to support the development of safety critical systems for assisted or automated driving including lidar, object detection and classification, control systems, artificial intelligence, and many more, in order to achieve ISO 26262 compliance

RAPTOR is the first Canadian counter-drone integrated system. It has been designed and built by CS Group to protect critical assets against small drones. Its very high performances enables detection, identification and neutralization of rogue drones.

Our Mission : Safeguard the Life of People

At CS Communication & Systems Canada, we protect the life of people by developing, validating, verifying and certifying safety and mission critical embedded software.

Our main value to our customers comes from our support to overcome three important challenges

Advanced skills linked to industry standards and cutting-edge methodologies

On-demand engineering bandwidth to support variable product development cycles

Producing these activities within ever shrinking budgets and development schedules

Major Areas of Expertise

consulting areas of expertise

Engineering Services

On-demand engineering capabilities and world-class experts in niched skills

Embedded Software V&V

Complete validation and verification of safety & missions critical embedded software

Embedded Software Development

Development of critical embedded software packages using Agile methodology​

consulting 2 areas of expertise

DO-326A / ISO 21434

Security assessment and security process implementation for safety critical embedded systems

Formal Methods

Formal Methods implementation for verification of critical embedded software


Onsite consultants to complement your team under your management