DO-178C Plans and Standards Templates

Plans and Standards

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DO-178C Plans and Standards Templates

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The Problem

The DO-178C exists to provide guidance for production of software for avionics systems that is safe and complies to the relevant regulatory standards. DO is well established in commercial aeronautics but more and more industries such as defence or UAV are asking for DO-178C software planning to demonstrate airworthiness.

Software planning in general is how we define and demonstrate the production of software from a set of requirements derived from the System level. The plans enable us to have confidence in the software that is consistent with the required Design Assurance Level (DAL) as defined from the output of the System Safety Assessment (SSA) process.

From a process aspect, DO-178C requires the production of a substantial amount of documentation/process in the form of plans, standards and other life-cycle data. Navigating through the maze of requirements to, clearly and concisely as possible, demonstrate compliance to the regulatory authorities can be challenging, especially for first time users.

Our Solution

CS Canada DO-178C proprietary certification planning templates have been used to successfully complete more than 50 certification programs over the last 20 years under the following Certification Authorities:

  • Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)
  • European union Aviation Space Agency (EASA)
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA)

The plans and standards are designed to be generic with specific help and guidance for all requirements with examples provided for inputs required from customers where applicable. They are fully re-usable across different projects with customer input minimised to enable fast ramp-up to the SOI-1 level.

Available Plans & Standards Templates


The aim of the generic Plans & Standards is to facilitate rapid, cost effective production of the required plans and standards for any given project while minimising input from the customer during the initial generation phase. This enables a fast ramp-up to the level of Stage Of Involvement 1 (SOI-1).

The generic plans and standards are also tailored to your required Design Assurance Level (DAL) at the touch of a button providing you with only the information you need for any given project. With constant refinement based on customer and certification authority input/lessons learned the plans and standards are at a level of maturity second to none.

Also, if you require, CS Canada can create or revise the final plans and standards for you based on the specific input you provide in respect to your selected processes and tools for your project.

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Why concider CS Canada ?

We have 20 years of experience with the highest and most demanding level of critical systems in the aerospace industry. We have completed DO-178C DAL A certification for many avionic systems and provided services to some of the largest OEMs in North America.

We are also a member of the RTCA and so can provide rapid insight into new revisions/updates or clarifications as they become available.


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