Newsletter Q4 2023

Greetings and Project Announcement

As the year draws to a close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners and team members for their collaboration and trust. Together, we’ve achieved great synergies and remarkable accomplishments. As we embark on the journey of a new year, we look forward to continued success, growth, and forging even greater achievements together. Cheers to a year of shared successes  and exciting opportunities ahead!

Celebrate 20 years of innovation and collaboration between CSGROUP and ANSYS at CES 2024: Back in 2004, CS Group Canada made history as the first company in North America to qualify SCADE KCG for DO-178, marking a major milestone for airborne certification. Today, as a global leader in the certification of embedded systems, CS Group, in partnership with Ansys, a global leader in Engineering Simulation Software products, is thrilled to announce a strategic agreement. Together, we are accelerating Functional Safety and Cybersecurity for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles using Ansys product software suites. This collaboration solidifies both companies’ unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of reliability, safety, and security.

Grateful for two decades of shared successes and looking forward to shaping the future together!

SAFL – Secure Data Loaders: We’re thrilled to unveil our ground breaking innovation, the Secured Autonomous Field Loader (SAFL) with Prompt! SAFL aims to enhance data loaders with cutting-edge security features, providing cost-effective cyber-secured devices for critical field reprogramming. This initiative, empowers CS Canada to develop an innovative proof of concept. Join us on this journey towards unparalleled cybersecurity and technological advancement!

CS Group & P&W USA : We are thrilled to announce that CS Group – USA has been recognized with the prestigious Productivity Savings & Cost Avoidance Award by our esteemed customer, Pratt & Whitney USA.

This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team and collective pursuit of

efficiency and customer satisfaction. Congratulations to each and every member of the CS – USA family for your unwavering commitment to excellence.

We would like to express our special appreciation to the Global Engineering Sourcing team for their exceptional leadership of the recent supplier summit. Their insights were invaluable, contributing to the overall success of our collaborative efforts.

We extend our gratitude to Pratt & Whitney for this honor and look forward to continued success and collaboration.

SALAD : Exciting strides have been made by CS GROUP Canada’s collaboration with Laflamme Aero, NGC Aerospace and GDMS, advancing the development of an autonomous drone delivery system. This system incorporates ground-breaking technologies, including unmanned helicopters, ground-based surveillance, onboard detect & avoid, and autopilot. As we near completion, significant progress marks a pivotal moment in revolutionizing remote-area logistics. A final system demonstration, showcasing our collective innovation, is planned in the coming months, underscoring the dedication and achievements of all involved parties in pushing the boundaries of modern areal delivery solutions. Stay tuned for updates on our progress toward redefining delivery in inaccessible regions.

Railway: Navigating the intricate challenges of the railway sector, where safety is paramount, we bring unparalleled expertise to the forefront. Prioritizing operational efficiency and strict adherence to safety standards, our team excels in RAMS, cybersecurity, and product development to help you meet the EN5012X standards. Interested to know more? Book a meeting with us here, or meet us at the 58th committee of AQTR in April 2024 in Montreal area and let’s explore tailored solutions for your specific needs.

DO-278: We excel in the intricate landscape of aviation compliance. While DO-178C ensures the safety of airborne software, DO-278 guides us in implementing advanced data link services, optimizing communication and surveillance in oceanic and remote airspace. Trust us to soar through the complexities, pioneering excellence in both software and communication standards! Curious to learn more? We’re available to discuss these standards and how they shape the future of aviation. Reach out to our team here !


Upcoming event

March 18th :  RDV en Route! We’re excited to announce that we will attend RDV En Route, the ultimate event shaping the future of transportation! Join us for a day of innovation, networking, and exciting discussions with industry leaders. Let’s drive the future of smart and sustainable mobility together!

March 12th and 13th : We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming participation to the IATA 3CTX Forum—an exciting venture into the realm of Aviation Cyber Security. In the future, join us with enthusiasm as we actively shape regulations, tackle industry challenges, and cultivate strategic partnerships.

Recent Events

Christmas diner : A magical evening at CS Group – Canada to celebrate the holiday season and the past year together! Smiles, games, and a festive atmosphere made this moment unforgettable as we brought together colleagues from around the world. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this warm atmosphere. Your presence made this event exceptional.

Safety Analysis week: A few weeks ago, we convened our community to delve into the topic of safety analysis, underlining its critical necessity for companies engaged in the development of safety-critical embedded systems. Safety analysis stands as a pivotal achievement, not merely as a means to save project time and costs, but also as a cornerstone in guaranteeing the creation of a safe, reliable, and robust product. Check it out now!

CS Canada Mission in Brazil: We’re proud to have participated in the Journées Québec Brésil mission alongside Montréal International, the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration of Quebec, and valued partners. Collaborating with the Immigration Services Directorate of the Quebec Office in São Paulo (BQSP), we seized a fantastic opportunity to connect with and interview top Brazilian talent specializing in mission-critical systems. A sincere thank you to all involved in making this mission a success, fostering international collaboration and talent exchange.

Gilles Demers Awards Night: We were thrilled to join the celebration with Sopra Steria Aeroline at Aéro Montréal’s “Gilles Demers Awards” evening. Surrounded by passionate peers, the event was a testament to our aerospace community’s excellence. Insightful discussions with industry leaders strengthened our commitment to innovation.

A big thanks to Aéro Montréal for orchestrating this inspiring event and congratulations to the winners. Here’s to the remarkable accomplishments that drive our aerospace sector forward

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