V&V Solutions

CS Canada has the capabilities to execute complete independent verification of any critical and non-critical embedded softwares in conformity with DO-178B and DO-178C as well validation of the associated systems.

Verification is a combination of the following (but not limited to) activities:
  • Planning process documentation and verification tooling set-up
  • High-level requirements testing
  • Low-level requirements testing
  • Test impact analysis from software changes
  • Robustness and SEU analysis
  • Source to object code traceability.
These verification performed by dedicated Integrated Products Teams (IPT) under the authority of IPT Lead and Technical Director for Development. Agile methodology has been adopted among IPTs as an efficient mean to make team collaborate, learn and produce verification artefacts.
To offer a cost-efficient but qualitative V&V solution, CS invests in the following areas:
  1. R&D: continuous  research new tools & methods (refer ‘’R&D link’’)
  2. Continuous personnel training to attain technical knowledge excellence to perform V&V activities
  3. Culture of polyvalence for the team member, knowledge of development process, software process and test environment set-up
  4. Low cost Center Management for V&V Solution:  In-site Training, Environment Deployment, Follow-up, Full verification process delegation and Quality Control.


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