CS Canada selected by a jury of major players of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the United States

For the third edition of UbiMobility, CS was selected from among twenty pre-selected companies for the development of its NADIA solution, as part of a project supported by Business France and Bpifrance.

NADIA can automate the software validation testing chain for critical embedded systems. This technology allows test scripts with hundreds of lines of code to be generated within seconds, drastically reducing test costs.

Road safety cannot be compromised.

Testing and certification of embedded software, which includes artificial intelligence, vehicle-to-vehicle applications, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, is a colossal challenge for the automotive industry that has so far been unsolved both economically and technically.

As a global specialist in critical embedded software, CS is experienced in test automation for highly demanding industries such as aerospace and defense. The tools and methods that CS developed in these domains have reduced the time and cost of testing by 30%.

The idea is to automatically generate test scripts in the target language, in particular Python or C, from commands in English. In a way, it’s a very natural form of programming test scripts.

Through this opportunity, CS demonstrates its ability to innovate to meet the security needs of the autonomous vehicle market in the US.

Congratulations to the team!

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