US CS Team visits PWEH Customer Training Center

On September 17th, the whole CS team had the opportunity to visit the Pratt and Whitney customer training center in East Hartford to learn more about the engines by looking at the real engines and understanding where the sensors are in relation to the engine. Pratt hoster Bob Macco organized a tour of the facility and gave a brief introduction about commercial and military engines works and their maintenance after production.
The following engines were seen for real:
  •           PW1500 followed by PW1100,
  •           Bigger engines that go on many different platforms such as the Boeing 747, 777,
  •           The impressive GP7000 engine born from the collaboration between Pratt & Whitney and General Electric.
Some interesting subjects were discussed like:
  •           By-pass ratio,
  •           Inside parts of the engine such as the different stage disks for compression of the air,
  •           Thermos barrier material sprayed the current alloy parts and R&D on ceramics,
  •           Bird test for safety matters,
  •           Different ways to deliver the engines (with or without nacelle and pylon).
The experience was very positive and will be organized on demand. Thank you to Pratt hoster Bob Macco to have made this event happen.

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